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This lady is the one to get started with, making the classes fun, fun, fun, Annette has been teaching for 8 years and is able to put any pole ‘newbie’ at ease. Dubbed ‘mummy pole’ Annette is an energetic, inventive instructor with a safe working and supportive ethic. Having taught many of the current pros now competing, Annette has seen the pole fitness industry evolve and her students grow. She is truly the backbone of our pole fitness sessions by ensuring the students have the correct technical base to advance within their pole journey.


With a history of poling for nearly 8 years, Hannah is a qualified fitness instructor who has a supportive teaching ethic. Being a tall and built instructor she is able to support the students whilst they transition into different moves to ensure their safety. Innovative and encouraging, Hannah uses a ‘try it again’ attitude to really encourage the students to try moves, crack their nemesis tricks and strive to improve. Offering the support and praise an instructor should Hannah’s classes are always popular.


Starting out as a student with us 6 years ago, Sam has gone on to compete and win in a number of competitions some of which include; UKAPP 2010 instructor winner, Polarize competition 2010 advanced winner and 3rd in Pole 2 Poles British Isles competition 2011. Sam concentrates on strength training, incorporating ballet elements and teaching fresh, new tricks. Being a qualified fitness instructor Sam is a supportive tutor, with an ability to incorporate beautiful methods of transition during the execution of pole tricks.


Lorraine also started out as a student, she is never afraid to try new moves where she has invented some along the way. Having previous experience in competitions she offers direction to those wishing to break into the competition scene with confidence. Always easy to relate to, Lorraine is a fantastic trouble shooter where she can work out how to combine tricks with ease, even if they are gravity defying! Lorraine like the OMG! Team is always supportive and uses spotting techniques to ensure that every student is looked after during their pole practice.


Being one of our most recent instructors to join the OMG! team Kim has developed her pole practice significantly over the last year. She is now one our beginner/intermediate instructors. Kim is a fantastic pole role model for any student to begin learning with, her ability to break down pole tricks and explain them to students enables them to learn with ease. This instructor is one to watch in the future her creativity and growing knowledge, along with her poling ability not only offers students the opportunity to grow but also provides them with the motivation to challenge themselves to improve and perfect their pole practice.


Fancy yourself a mixed session filled with fitness and pole practice, then Emma’s class is the one to try. Being a fitness fanatic this lady not only offers a workout that concentrates on building strength and developing cardiovascular fitness, she begins her pole fitness session by incorporating strength training from the start. With a history of advanced pole dance training and experience in weight training she will not only teach you the methods of executing pole tricks competently and safely, she will also provide you with advice on how to improve your strength at home.

18 comments on “Our Instructors
  1. Kate Henry says:

    Hi looking at doing pole dancing lessons do you do courses?
    Kind regards Kate

  2. Carly Blyth says:

    Wow thank you Hannah and Annette for my pole dancing lesson last night I had such a blast! Cant wait for next week! PS I ache so much tody but feel amazing and I promise not to use moisturiser on my hands before class lol 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi ya Carly, you done amazing yesterday, def think that you have been bitten by the pole bug! Keep practicing them exercises I showed you. Look forward to seeing you again next week. Well done hun.

  3. Laura tottman says:

    Hiya, i live in Wickford Essex, and wondered if you have any classes local to me. Thanks

  4. Selina says:

    very interested in pole dancing, what days do you do and how much please. I am a fit larger size lady, do you cater for larger women. Regards

  5. Lucy says:

    Hi, I live in the laindon area and looking to start pole dancing classes. Are there any near me that are good for beginners as ive never done this before. Thanks

  6. Lauren says:

    Hey! How much do you charge for a private class? Thanks

  7. Karla says:

    Hello, do you do classes for teenagers? (16 yrs)

  8. Tia says:

    Do you still do sessions/classes?
    If so how much per person and what availability do you have?

  9. Kandice says:

    Hi there are 2 of us looking to start an intermediate class if you have any spaces?

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